Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Glossy Black Dresser

So. My free, beat-up blue dresser that I picked up curbside after seeing a craigslist ad. I had big plans for it, as you saw from what I posted a couple of weeks ago. As this was my first big furniture-painting project, I kind of had to roll with the punches and learn as I worked. Let's just get to the photos, shall we?

Here's the dresser as I found her (well, I removed the drawers):

As you can see, the slats between the drawers were broken, because the dowel rods that had fit between them and the sides of the dresser were gone. That bottom slat even looks homemade. What you can't see is that the top was loose, the paint was chipped, and the legs were scuffed up pretty bad.

So I had my little sister get out the vice and the hand saw, and she made me some little pieces to fit the slats back into their places out of old paint brushes! She's the best.

Then we used wood glue to hold secure them, and put wood filler over the holes to make it pretty. After screwing the top of the dresser back into place, it was time to prime and paint, paint, paint. I was going for something sexy and black and glossy, so I sprayed the whole thing with a shiny clear enamel when I was done.

I didn't want to use the boring wooden knobs that were originally on the dresser, so I went to Hobby Lobby. I couldn't believe how cheap their hardware was! And their selection was really great. In the end, I picked out these amazing crystal owl knobs for the top drawer, and simpler green knobs for the other three drawers.

After being moved, assembled, and staged, here's what the dresser looks like now:

She's sturdy and saucy. Because this was my first big paint project, there are a few drips and a little unevenness, but I'm thrilled with the overall result, as is my man. As you can see, it's not in his room yet, but sitting in my living room. The painting on top is one of mine from high school, the reed placemat and hurricane vase were on clearance at Home Goods, the green candles were on clearance at Target (because it is NOT too late for my apartment to be smelling like pine needles!) and the purple candle was 50 cents at an estate sale. That little tray was a Salvation Army find. Oh yeah, and the flowers? My boyfriend got them for me. FOR NO REASON. He's the best.

I'm so excited and couldn't wait for my next project! I've still got to finish the sewing machine table, and there's a half-painted chair sitting in my kitchen! What projects are you working on right now? And does anyone else have any secret sources for hardware, knobs, and pulls?

[Here's the original 'after' picture. The new one's much better, don't you think?]


  1. Great job, it takes time and patience to achieve the look your going for. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! I just visited your site and love your furniture redo's!

  2. Nice paint job! Very pretty! Found you through Roadkill Rescue!


    1. Thanks, DeDe! I was so excited to get a mention on RR! I just checked your site and saw what you did with your entry way for the holidays. I love how you incorporated those reindeer (my parents have a couple at home) into the decor!